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Like it: Stovetop oatmeal

We gave up on instant oatmeal packets for our family of five a while ago. Mornings still call for oatmeal, but now I make a pot of it at a time. Seriously, it is faster than trying to make the same amount with those little packets, not to mention cheaper and so much healthier. I … Continue reading

Like it: Friday Family Movie Nights

Not sure when we started this, but sometime in the past two years we began making pizza for dinner, and then after dinner making stove-top popcorn and watching a movie as a family on Friday nights. And I mean EVERY Friday night. And we all look forward to it, because who does not love a … Continue reading

Like it: Pizza Dough recipe

Here is another post a long time in the making. Last Christmas (or was it the one before that?), I received a Cuisinart food processor. As with most small kitchen appliances, the instruction manual contained a selection of recipes that can be made with said appliance. Actually, this appliance came with a video too, so … Continue reading