Like it: Friday Family Movie Nights

Not sure when we started this, but sometime in the past two years we began making pizza for dinner, and then after dinner making stove-top popcorn and watching a movie as a family on Friday nights. And I mean EVERY Friday night. And we all look forward to it, because who does not love a little routine, some great food and cuddling up with your loved ones on the couch to watch a flick on a Friday night?

Do we rent a movie every Friday? Well, not exactly. We mostly check out movies for FREE from the library. There are Red Box locations in our little town, but we never seem to make it there to get one, and it’s always one more thing to do to return it the next day. The library has story time on Fridays, so we are usually there anyways, and we have a whole week to return it. Say, for example, by the next Friday when we will be there anyway and need a new movie for movie night. When we just do not make it to either place for a new movie, we watch one of the ones we own. Since this is all about bonding and building traditions, its usually a family favorite versus something we have not watched in awhile. And that is okay, because familiarity, comfort and routine fit into Friday Family Movie Night like Barbie’s unnaturally arched feet into those little plastic heels. (I guess that was more of a juxtaposition than a simile…)

Do we make pizza every Friday? Well, mostly yes. My 4 year-old knows how to top a pizza. My 6 and 8 year-olds know how to make pizza dough, and of course how to top a pizza. And we love pizza. I have a James Avery charm on my charm bracelet of a slice of pizza. Its that serious.

Do we really make popcorn on the stove instead of just using microwave popcorn? Oh man, if you have to ask that…Popcorn on the stove is easy and tastes a hundred, no a thousand, no a million times better than plastic, I mean microwave popcorn. Here’s our method:

Pour 3 Tbsp canola oil in the bottom of a large pot with a lid. Add 1/2 cup popcorn kernels. Cover with the lid, ever so slightly tilted (too big a gap and super hot popcorn kernels with fly out during popping, but just enough to let the steam out). Set on medium heat and wait till the popping starts. Pull up step stools so the kids can watch, because they will want to know what is making that noise. When the popping slows to 2-3 seconds between pops, remove from heat and remove the lid. WATCH OUT FOR THE STEAM. This would be a good time to have the kids away from the pot. Pour a few melted tablespoons of butter over the popcorn and salt to taste. Stir. Serve in bowls as soon as possible, and toss any un-popped kernels to protect dental work.

Cuddle up with little ones and enjoy the best popcorn while watching Frozen for the millionth time and reminding yourself it IS worth your time and effort to get a movie, any movie, from the library next week.


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