Like it: Shaving with Cetaphil

First, I know it’s been over two years since my last post. I know. I know. I know. However, someone posted a sweet, encouraging comment on a post (actually, three posts) and it got my blogger ticker thumpin’. That’s Texan for it made my writer’s heart skip a beat. I felt compelled to blog again.

Second, I have not stopped experimenting. I just stopped blogging about it for awhile. Nothing personal, I just got swept up in life. Beautiful, wonderful, Texas hill country life with my husband and three little girls, who I now homeschool, but that is another post entirely. Maybe even another blog entirely.

Third, I have to share one of my most favorite experiments of this past year: shaving with Cetaphil.

About a year ago, I came across a post on one of the best blogs ever, You can read the post here, titled “The Cure for Itchy Legs”. I am sure you agree why I would find this post intriguing from just the title alone. Well, since I am prone to experimenting with beauty products, am always on the lookout for a new cleanser, and love dual use products, I bought a bottle of Cetaphil (actually two huge bottles that came shrink wrapped together at Sam’s Club) and grabbed a razor.

Lo and behold, Cetaphil is awesome for shaving. It is very slimy, the secret to its success with a razor, and non lathering, so it is not drying. Just smear it on, shave it off, rinse, and viola! My legs and pits (and bikini line on occasion) are smooth, without any razor burn. And I will admit, even though it took me this long to write about it, I have been using it to shave for a year, so plenty of trials to validate the data of my personal experience. Cetaphil is also a great facial cleanser, so I will throw that in too, just in case you were wondering. Also, in case you were also wondering, the store generic copies of Cetaphil will work also, but have varied in quality, so I would start with the real stuff if you have sensitive skin.


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