Like it: Shaving with Coconut Oil (Update: maybe not…)

After posting about my homemade deodorant made with coconut, a friend from high school made a Facebook comment about using coconut oil for shaving. I just love multi-tasking products, so this morning I tried it. I tried it, and I liked it.

Coconut oil is an oil. Duh. So, I was not sure how well it would work for shaving in the shower, and thought maybe it would be better for “dry shaving”. Turns out, about a tablespoon of coconut oil on the fingertips spreads pretty evenly over a wet  calf and knee and does a great job protecting the skin from the blades. The razor glides right over it, whisking those little nubs of hair away, and no razor burn! My skin was moisturized and smooth. I did not apply lotion afterwards, and my skin probably could use it, but it does not look dry at all. The oil seemed to rinse easily off my razor and did not seem to leave a residue on my shower floor. I also do not shave everyday either, so that could become an issue for someone who does. (I have been using EOS Shave Cream, and it tends to leave my razor a little gunky so that I have to use my nail to scrape the blades under running water before putting the razor away.) I will be adding a plastic container of coconut oil to my shower for this specific purpose. Now, what else can I use coconut oil for?

Update: I also tried shaving after washing, and this did seem to leave my bathtub floor a little water repellant (little beads of water), so I did wash it down with body wash after I finished shaving. My legs were a little more moisturized though, so if you have very dry skin you might want to shave after washing and just plan a couple of extra minutes to wash off your tub to avoid a build-up.

Update: It’s been about a week, I’ve shaved about four times with coconut oil including today, and today I have razor burn. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted…


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