Trying it now: Selling Our House

It has been a loooooooooooooooooong time since my last post. An embarassing long time since my last post. A few things have come up, I might post one, but I am still on the fence about it. However, I will post about the latest to occupy every spare minute of my time: selling a house.

We bought this house to be in between where I worked and where my husband worked, close to my work because it was also where our family and doctors were. Well, now that I totally work from home, we see no point on him continuing to drive almost two hours a day. And the fact that the rates are so much lower now that the last time we got a mortgage, it is too tempting not to try.

So we did a little more than spring cleaning, touched up some paint, powerwashed the sidewalk and front porch, and found a realtor (whole ‘nother story there). Now our house in on the market, getting some showings, and making us a little edgy, with the constant cleaning and pick-up after three little ones.

My formula for selling our last house worked well, it sold in four days after the second showing. This time, the economy has made the selling process a little different. I still decluttered, we still clean the house until it shines, and I still light a vanilla candle and play soft music with every light in the house on for showings, to mimic a model home. I am not trying anything new, just trying the things that worked in the past. If it does not work by the end of May, we will try something new to us, the Open House.

UPDATE: So, after six showings in three weeks and no offers, I was getting a little ansy. Patience is not my thing. I am not a wait and see kind of person. I am a do something about it person. So after some research about price, we talked about it, and talked to our realtor, and decided that the price range was right because we were getting showings, but maybe we needed a little adjusting to make the house seem like a better value. We decided to drop our price 2%.  I also re-arranged furniture in two rooms to make the rooms seem more spacious, and spent a few bucks at Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart to stage our master bath. It is small and plain, so I made it look less plain and it actually made it look a little bigger by adding stuff! We had three more showings in the past two days, one of the them was a repeat. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for that phone to ring again…pitiful, I know!


One thought on “Trying it now: Selling Our House

  1. You should continue your blog and not be discouraged. There are many out there who are very successful, and if you want to work from home, this is a good way to try. I don’t blog, but enjoy reading them and get tons of ideas, and thank you for that. Don’t give up on this!!! Did you ever sell your home?

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