Liked it: Homemade Play Doh

One of the blog I love to read recently posted about making homemade glitter play dough. Oooo, that just looks like something my girls would love. And guess what! They did 🙂

The recipe is here on TheFrugalGirl’s blog. I did have to pick up cream of tartar at the store, but everything else was in my pantry. I measured the ingredients into the pan. I do not think the girls believed me that I was making play dough, because they were not interested until they saw me stirring white goo on the stove. It did take a while to cook on low, eventually turning into what TheFrugalGirl accurately called gluey, mashed potatoes. We let it cool while we ate lunch, then I dumped it on the counter and kneaded the sticky gloppy mess into a smoother glob. We split it into two blobs, added about 8 drops of food coloring and a generous sprinking of glitter. We kneaded in the coloring and glitter, and the dough was smoother and less sticky the more we worked with it.

The finished products are softer than store-bought play dough. The girls enjoyed working with it, and it was easier for them to push through the PlayDoh brand toys. This recipe makes a LOT of dough. We barely squeezed the two balls of dough into two sandwich bags, so I told the girls next time we make at least four color of dough! This would actually make a great medium for a color mixing lesson. Commenters on the original blog post said they used unsweetened foavored drink mix, Kool-Aid, to color it, so I think next time we will do this as well for colored, scented dough.


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