Trying it now: Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner

We had the carpets in our home professionally cleaned before we moved in…4 1/2 years ago. Since then I have had the best of intentions on cleaning the carpets regularly. The very best intentions. We borrowed my parents carpet cleaner twice, only used it once, and only cleaned one room.

Wal-Mart had this model of Bissell Proheat Pet Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner on rollback last week; in fact it looks like it is still on rollback. We do not have pets, but I like the water heater feature, the decent reviews, the price and the cheap delivery option. I decided to take the plunge, took the money out of our “large item” envelope and purchased it online with $0.97 shipping. Less than a week later, it arrived on my doorstep via FedEx, last night.

It was a cinch to put together with a screwdriver and four screws (the screws are included). It is a little more basic than the Hoover SteamVac my parents have, so it is also a little simpler to use. Hot water into the clean water tank, cleaner and water into the cleaner tank. Turn it on, and the heater if you want the machine to heat the water up to an additional 25 degrees, and get to cleaning! It’s basically two steps: 1. squeeze the trigger as you slowly move the machine forward and then back to dispense solution 2. Release the trigger and slowly go up and back over that same area until all the solution is sucked back up into the machine, about twice over the area.

My Bissell after its first use.

It took me about 40 minutes to do the master bedroom, which is downstairs next to the back door and right off the kitchen/dining area, so the carpet in that room is the worst. I think next time will go faster since I will know how to fill and use the machine, and not have to look at the directions four times to get started. If I have any energy tonight after the girls go to bed, I’ll try to tackle the stairs with one of the attachements it comes with.

How did it do? I’m happy with the outcome. Our carpet is cheap, basic carpet that came with our 8 year old house, so it shows a lot of wear. The cleaner made the nap stand up so well, that when I vaccummed when it was dry enough to walk on, about 1 1/2 hrs after cleaning, the vaccuum marks showed like new carpet does.

It was pretty easy to clean. It does leave the larger bits of “fluff” on the damp carpet (hair and lint that the machine works out of the carpet), which some of the reviewers complained about, but I would rather vaccuum them up later than have to clean those damps wads of yuck out of my carpet cleaning machine! I used the “normal” setting, but next time I will use the “high traffic” setting for the area by the door, it still looked a little dingy to me.

Does that not still look a little dingy to you? Next time, "heavy traffic" setting, and maybe a spray of pre-treat solution as well...


Overall, I am pleased with the first use. Not too heavy, simple to set up and use. Easy to clean. The cleaning solution can be kept in the machine until the next use, so you do not have to empty that container out and waste solution. It only came with a small, sample bottle, but it did not take the whole little bottle to fill up the solution tank, and there is plenty of solution left in there after this first use. I cannot wait to see how it does in the playroom upstairs, that carpet looks pretty bad too. If I remember to, I’ll take a before and after up there and update the post when I clean that room 🙂


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