Like it: Using old bottle nipples as frozen teething toys

My eleven month old is cutting teeth. Her mostly happy disposition is replaced by a cranky one, which makes Mommy a little cranky too after long hours. I always forget to clean and put the teething toys back in the freezer after use, even though they really come in handy during teething days. I read a tip in Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food about using old bottles and nipples at teethers. We have some Medela bottles with a nipple shape she does not care for, for drinking formula anyway, but that she is jsut fine with for chewing on. I just put water in the nipple of a bottle, screw the empty bottle on and place the whole thing, upside down, in the freezer. I find the bottle cap essential for preventing water from dripping out and freezing the bottle to the shelf. When she needs some cold relief, I grab a bottle from the freezer, pop off the cap and hand it to her to chew on. Since the bottle itself is empty, it warms to her hands in a few moments and is comfortable for her to hold. When she is done, or the ice has melted and fallen down into the bottle, I just throw it into the sink. The bottle gets washed in the dishwasher, refilled, and replaced back into the freeezer. Easy!


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