Like it: Cleaning the Shower While Taking a Shower

I cleaned our bathrooms yesterday with our homemade cleaners, but while I cleaned the tubs, I did not clean the shower walls in the one shower that gets used, in the master bath. I do not like getting my feet wet, water running up my arms, and getting my clothing wet while I am cleaning 3 bathrooms in a row. Instead, I did that today, when I took my shower. Washing or cleaning the walls of your shower while you are already in there saves time. Plus, the walls are already damp and steamy, so they clean easily. I originally saw this tip in an email newsletter called Everyday Cheapskate. Mary Hunt wrote that she uses regular shampoo or body wash on a washcloth to wash and rinse the shower walls during a shower. I tried it and it works! However, with hard water like we have, I either spray the walls with my vinegar based bathroom cleaner before the shower if I am using shampoo/body wash, or I spray them with my favorite hard water cleaner, half Dawn/half vinegar and a washcloth. Our shower walls had a large white patch when we first moved in, over time it lighted, but once I started with the vinegar based cleaners, it is completely gone.

Our shower wall, mostly dry, after cleaning with Dawn/vinegar during a shower today.

First let me say, I do not recommend using strong commercial cleaners while you are standing barefoot in a small enclosed steamy shower. Absolutely do not use Tilex, Lime Away or CLR, these should not contact your skin or be inhaled! However, if you are using homemade cleaners, mostly vinegar and water, then the skin on your feet is not going to turn red and burn. The vinegar, with is an acid and why it is great at dissolving mineral deposits in hard water, can be hard on your tile grout, so do not leave it on for extended periods. But, it is harmless on your skin, and rinses easily. Your walls will be squeaky clean, and it only takes an extra 3-5 minutes of shower time!

Another couple of tips for a clean, hard water stain-free, mold/mildew free shower are to use a squeegee, like the one hanging in the upper corner of the picture, to wipe excess water off your shower walls and tub after a shower. It takes 1-2 minutes to run the squeegee down the shower walls and then the sides and floor of the tub. You would be surprised how much water is left after a shower! This cuts down on the water deposits that dry on your shower walls, and removes the water that encourages mold and mildew growth. I found mine for $1 at Dollar Tree. The other tip is to leave your lights on and fan running to dry your shower quickly. A dry shower also prevents mold and mildew growth. Finally, a cloth shower curtain is easy to toss into the washer if it starts to smell of mildew. In fact, every so often, I toss the curtain and the rugs in the washer all together to get everything clean and fluffy, like new! Preventing mold and mildew is much, much easier than trying to get rid of it.


3 thoughts on “Like it: Cleaning the Shower While Taking a Shower

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  2. I just recently moved into an area with hard water for the first time in my life and had no clue how to handle it! Thanks! Would you recommend the dawn/vinegar for the faucets and such as well? Also, what do you do for your floors?

    • Dawn and vinegar works great on all surfaces, however I would not use on marble/granite or other stone surfaces that can be harmed by vinegar’s acidity (acid dissolves the minerals in the hard water, so it can also harm minerals in the stone). For floors, I use distilled water in a Shark Steamer, but you can mop with vinegar/distilled water mixture with a squirt of Dawn in the buckets.

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