Did not like it: Ball Fiesta Salsa Mix

Last spring, Ball had an introductory offer for a Discovery Canning starter kit. I had been thinking about canning, and for $11 it seemed like an affordable experiment. Turns out, canning is like most things, it may seem confusing and complicated at first, but gets easier each time you do it. Now I like canning, and was all set to make some homemade salsa and can the extra this weekend with the Ball Fiesta Salsa Mix that came with the kit.

I bought extra tomatoes on the vine at our closest natural foods store, Sprouts. Not organic, but they looked very tasty, plump and red. I diced them and added them to the mix with 3 Tbsp of vinegar, as the package instructed. I simmered the salsa and eagerly took a taste. Hmmm, not what I had in mind. I asked my husband to try it. He rarely refuses my kitchen experiments, but bluntly said “I do not like that. Toss it, I’m not going to eat it.” So we did.

I’m still looking for a really good salsa recipe that I can make a larger quantity of. I had tried the recipe in the Ball recipe book that can with the Discovery kit but was disappointed in that as well (my husband did like that batch though, and he was the only one who ate it). Those tomatoes were from our garden though and I do not think they were ripe enough, so I might try that recipe again in a smaller quantity with more-ripe tomatoes. Of course, if anyone out there has a great salsa recipe they would like to share, by all means…


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