Like it: Staying in on Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine's Day Roses...

Way back before we had kids, my hubby and I discovered we really do not like going out on Valentines Day. We do not care for crowds, or waiting in crowded restaurants rather. I believe it was the year before I became pregnant with my first child that we bought lobsters from Costco and my husband made me a wonderful dinner, complete with chocolate covered strawberries! Since then we have evolved to my husband picking up dinner on his way home from a restaurant so I do not have to cook dinner that night, and he gets home too late to cook and feed our cranky, hungry youngsters.

I know if may not sound that romantic to those without kids, but a hot dinner (not fast food) that you do not have to cook is a great start to a relaxed romantic evening after the kids go to bed. Of course, flowers and chocolates are a must, as well. I know that I am usually preaching frugality around here, however frugality is achieved through contentment. I am more than content to spend Valentine’s Day eating a hot meal that I did not have to cook and then swapping cards and candy with my husband and daughters around our family table. And, yes, it is more expensive to hire a sitter and go out to the same restauraunt, plus the stress of getting the kids ready for the sitter, getting to the restauraunt on time, and getting home to the kids.

So today, I am finishing up my homemade Valentines for my daughters and husband. I am getting very excited for dinner! Tonight, at our family table, we will leisurely dine on Italian food that I did not cook, then some chocolates and decorated cookies for dessert while we swap Valentines. I might even get dressed up 🙂


One thought on “Like it: Staying in on Valentine’s Day

  1. Hi, I just found you blog via a search for making vanilla (about to try it myself). This is a nice blog – I suggest you pin some of these onto Pinterest to promote it.

    Anyway, my hubbie and I have been purchasing a special meal from Omaha Steaks on Valentine’s Day the last couple of years. I hate going out to restaurants on Valentine’s Day – they are always so packed it’s the opposite of romantic; if I’m going to spend that kind of money at a restaurant, I want to have a really special time, not feel like I was processed on a conveyer belt.

    By ordering the food we get a restaurant quality meal that we don’t have to invest too much time in cooking. We spend a little less than what we would for a restaurant meal, but it’s not as cheap as it would be if we were to just buy the ingredients from a grocery store. I spend more effort on making the table look nice and dressing up hot for my hubbie.

    I enjoy cooking but have found that I like doing it this way for Valentine’s Day because it makes the planning a little simpler and we can both be involved in preparing the meal (he’s in charge of the meat) so it feels more like an equal gift instead of me slaving away creating something perfect and then him sitting down and eating.

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