Liked it: Valentines Roses Made With Celery Stamps

Our pretty Valentines, roses stamped with celery

These just turned out too cute not to share! I saw this craft a few weeks ago when I received the Feb. issue of Family Fun, called Pretty Produce. Click on the link here to see this craft on their website. Basically, you use the stump left over when you cut the stems off celery to stamp red roses onto cardstock and then use one piece of celery to stamp green leaves. It sounded cute, maybe a little messy, but I thought I would give it a try. I kept the celery stump that week, and then the next week too. And then we all got the stomach flu. And then I caught a cold this week. While I was resting, I was reading a few blog links, and came across a blogger who did this with her kids. They looked like they had fun, she described how they did it (same as article) with sponges from the dollar store, and it gave me the courage to go ahead and do it this week anyway. I already had two saved celery stumps sitting in my fridge anyway, right? Today, we pulled out the celery stumps, poured red paint onto paper plates, covered it with sponges to make stamp pads and went to stamping red roses on white cardstock. When the girls finished with the red roses, I plucked two stems off the celery stumps, washed off the red paint the best I could, and made two more plates with green paint and fresh sponges for them to add leaves. I used washable paint and we wore our craft aprons, so I just threw everything else into the trash/recycle bin and clean-up was done. Super cute and super easy, even for 3 and 5 year olds!

The girls adding green leaves to their rose Valentines


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