Trying it tonight: Chunky Pizza Sauce (Updated: Liked it!)

We have pizza every week, most of the time I make it with my little helpers. We usually either use leftover spaghetti sauce or no-cook pizza sauce. Tonight I am trying a slow cook pizza sauce from Tammy’s Recipes called Chunky Pizza Sauce. It uses ingredients I have in my pantry, so nothing fancy to buy, but it takes time, 45 simmering minutes, so I had to plan ahead. The recipe makes 4 cups, so plenty to use tonight and freeze leftovers. Since it uses canned tomatoes and paste with spices, I’m thinking I could also make a few packets of “sauce mix” by measuring everything out into baggies or baby food jars, to make it faster to assemble in the future. It smells great, I cannot wait to taste the finished product. I’ll come back and update this with a review, of course 🙂

UPDATE: We liked it! I like the chunky texture from the tomatoes better than the smooth texture of the sauces we had been using, but the spices might be a little heavy for me. My husband thought it was a little sweet for his tastes, but felt the spices were fine the way they were. Next time I’ll cut back on the sugar, maybe only 2 tsp instead of 1 Tbsp and leave the spices alone for now. I still like the idea of mixing the dry ingredients in batches in baby food jars so all I have to do is open some cans and throw it all into the pot about an hour before the pizza dough will be ready in the breadmaker.


One thought on “Trying it tonight: Chunky Pizza Sauce (Updated: Liked it!)

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