Liked it: Mending Worn Knee Holes in Children’s Jeans

A few weeks ago my five-year old, who has high-functioning autism and is quite particular about certain aspects of her clothing, shrieks “Oh no! There is a hole in my pants!” So I asked her to put the pants on my sewing table and I would get to it later. A couple of days later, I noticed there were now three pairs of jeans on my sewing table. I guess she went through her drawer and inspected all of her jeans? Well, I finally got to it this week. I pulled out the three pairs of jeans with worn out left knees (what is she doing with that left knee???), some jean scraps from pants I made into capris, and some coordinating embroidery thread.

Three pairs of children's pants with worn through knees, jean scraps and embroidery thread for patches.

First, I used my embroidery machine to embroider large open hearts with a bold border onto the jean scraps to make three heart-shaped patches. This was probably the easiest part, because once the machine is set up to embroider, I can hit the start button and walk away while it finishes.

My embroidery machine hard at work making a heart shaped patch.

Next, when all the patches had been embroidered, I cut the patches out with pinking shears, to start the frayed look. Finally, I used a light blue thread that matched the denim color the best of my limited thread assortment to stitch the patched on by hand, centered over the holes. Having the patches centered over the hole meant not all were centered on the pants leg, but if she has itchy stitching over her knee she may not wear the pants.

Three pairs of pants with homemade embroidered heart patches on knees.

Were these expensive pants? Nope; one pair from acquired through a bunch of kids clothing I got through Freecycle, and the other two were from Goodwill. But, repairing pants we have with materials and thread I already have for free not only saves me money, but the time I took to repair them was less time that driving to the store and searching for affordable replacements in the right size. Efficient and frugal, works for me!


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