Trying it now: Tom’s of Maine deodorant (Updated: Liked it so far…)

Has anyone else tried using just deodorant instead of anti-perspirant? How did you like it?

I have been wanting to try a plain ol’ deodorant for awhile now. CVS had a deal on Tom’s of Maine products this week, so I got two of the deodorants for free using extra bucks. I got lavender and lemongrass scented ones. I like the lemongrass scent better, but lavender is supposed to be soothing and relaxing, so I thought I would try some armpit aromatherapy 🙂

So far, so good. I have sweated about the same as I do wearing anti-perspirant. If course, it’s a humid 70 degrees, not a humid 98 degrees. I might be singing a different tune come June…

There is a slightly tacky feeling to the skin if I touch it, so there is definitely something coating my underarm area. So far, there is no offense odor. I guess as long as the deodorant stays on the skin the odor blocking or absorbing chemicals will do their trick. Obviously if you sweated enough, I would imagine you would sweat the deodorant right off, and would reapply, just like most anti-perspirants.

If the deodorant works well enough, I think I will try Tsh Oxenreider’s recipe for homemade deodorant in the Organized Simplicity book, if I can also come up with another use for the expensive ingredient it calls for, coconut oil, in case it does not work out…

UPDATE: So, after a week of trying Tom’s of Maine deoderant, I’m liking it! Goes on easily and smoothly like anti-perspirent, no white residue, no strong odor. After pulling weeds in the backyard today, even though it was not hot out, I did expect my sweating to cause a little b.o., but nope! Even now, a good 12 hours since I applied the deoderant, I am still odor-less! I will update again once the temperature actually rises into the 90’s around here (May? June?) and share if Tom’s 24 protection advertisement on the product is accurate.


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